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About us

Work towards perfection

WanDah Electric Heater Co., Ltd. was found in 1970 by president, Mr. Ta Fu Chen. We specialize in aluminum alloy, zinc and magnesium alloy melting, holding, heat treatment, ceramic and glass kilns, electric heaters, and thermocouples.  As an industry pioneer in Taiwan, we have expanded our business in Asia, South America, and Europe.

For the past few decades, we pursuit perfection by continuous researching, developing new technology and innovating, we are proud to own several patented products. WanDah provides variety of customized products to meet clients different needs. We stand as an industry pioneer because we have competitive pricing, professional and experienced working team, advance facilities, timely delivery, well after sales service, we are able to provide quality products which are comparable to European and Japanese brands.

Our goal is to work towards perfection, we will continue to explore new technology as well as develop new environment friendly products.

Company Profile

1970 Establishment of Wan Dah Electric Heater Co., Ltd. Production of Electric Heaters and Thermocouples
1972 Resistance Heated Crucible Melting and Holding Furnaces for Aluminum die casting
1973 Salt Bath Heat Treatment Furnaces
1974 Top Loading and Tunnel Enameling Ceramic Kilns
1978 Purchasing of the land for new factory in Peitou district Taipei
1981 Tunnel Type Ceramic Kilns
1982 Increasing in capital and starting the construction of the new factory site
1983 Moving to the new factory site and starting the production of Shuttle Type Ceramic Kilns
1984 Aluminum Alloys Reverberatory Melting Furnaces and Metal Heat Treatment Furnaces
1985 Resistance Heated Melting and Holding Furnaces with Carbon Crucible for Low pressure casting
1987 Tower Type Aluminum Alloys Melting Furnaces

1987 Electric Non-Crucible Low Consumption Holding Furnaces

1988 340kg Tilting Resistance Heated Crucible Aluminum Alloys Melting Furnaces
1988 pgraded of Tunnel Type Ceramic Kilns
1990 585kg Tilting Resistance Heated Crucible Aluminum Alloys Melting Furnaces
1991 Obtainment of patent design #64760 for Air Prevention System for Shuttle Type Kilns from MOEA R.O.C.
1991 585kg Tilting Aluminum Alloys Melting Furnaces with Crucible available in gas or oil burner
1992 330-500kg Oval Resistance Heated Crucible Aluminum Alloys Melting and Holding Furnaces
1993 Obtainment of patent design #86409 for Anti-Block of Burner Nozzle from MOEA R.O.C.
1993 Upgraded model for Tower Type Aluminum Alloys Continuous Melting Furnaces
1994 Obtainment of patent design #96675 for Molten Metal Container from MOEA R.O.C.
1997 Instant Drop Aluminum Alloys Heat Treatment Furnaces

1998 Zinc Alloys Electric Melting Holding Furnaces
2000 Tilting non-crucible Aluminum Alloys Continuous Melting Furnaces heated by gas or oil

2002 Tilting non-crucible Zinc Alloys Continuous Melting Furnaces

2002 Central Tower Type Zinc Alloys Continuous Melting Furnaces

2006 Purchasing of the land for 2nd plant in Peitou district Taipei

2014 Purchasing of the land for 3rd plant in Danshui district Taipei

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